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Media Market Overview
It is our tool for monitoring media investments across sectors, categories, investors, and media channels.
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Competitive Media Overview
Competitive Media Overview is our tool that analyses your brand's media performance vs. your competitors.
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Promo Radar UPDATED
It is a set of methodological procedures and protocols facilitating a deep investigation of participant behaviors in online cultures and communities. This type of qualitative research consists in a group of methodological approaches and protocols that contributes to the debate of researching online populations, transitioning traditional techniques of cultural anthropology to an online setting, and innovation in appropriate locations.
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Brand Reputation Tracker NEW
Our research capabilities can design & implement any qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodologies type of study, custom-tailored to answer specific business challenges.
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Social Media Stars Index
It is a Publicis Groupe proprietary index that provides a unitary image of social media activity for the first time, identifying the most followed social media accounts up to natural evolution.
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Location Radar
It is a complex geo-marketing tool, real-time extracting all available Google consumer location reviews for all the brands within a category, classifying them based on their machine learning algorithm, and providing customer insights and location optimization guidelines.
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Marketing Mix Modelling
Our data tool uses computer-processed mathematical equations to predict brand growth, calculate the ROI behind marketing investments and enable data-driven marketing & business decisions.
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Spot Power
It is an interactive tool that offers the possibility to see, on average, by hours, time bands, days of the week, or TV stations, the impact of a spot in landing page visits or leads in the next few minutes after broadcasting.
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Ad Impact
Evaluates campaign perception at the representative mass level, gathering KPIs comparable with business results. It is based on quantitative research providing weekly or monthly information about the impact of each creative, irrespective of the medium (digital - all platforms, TV, OOH, Print), in terms of awareness sufficiency, recognition of the brand, recalled creative elements or message; actions determined by respective execution. In addition, it isolates and attributes an up/ down-lift in the purchase journey or brand image attributes to each ad.
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Campaign reporting
Our tool tracks performance for all paid, earned, and owned media KPIs compared to previous campaigns.

Our easy-to-use online platform integrates multiple data sources to evaluate communication performance.
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Conversation Radar
Our tool tracks the online conversations about the brand in terms of visibility, quality of the dialogue, and community engagement. It lets you track the activity on your social media and competitors' pages in real time. Conversation Radar integrates multiple data sources in real-time. It is straightforward to access and use. It helps you analyze the brand conversation, volume, and sentiment.
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Consumer Research NEW
Our research capabilities can design & implement any qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodologies type of study, custom-tailored to answer specific business challenges.
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Business Compass
Our Data Intelligence Solution automatically forecasts the evolution of business KPIs in correlation with market context, communication investments, and the brand’s position in its category.
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Dynamic Brand Tracker
It is our tool for tracking and analyzing brand performance across the conversion funnel. We integrate multiple sources to measure and analyze all brand KPIs and attributes for your brand vs. your competitors. We can map the consumer journey from awareness to repurchase and correlate between brand KPIs and media investment.
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App Tracker
It is a local system developed for tracking, measuring, and analyzing data for main mobile applications from e-commerce & retail, audio & video & editorial content, financial services, games, social media, utility & mobility, and other smaller categories.
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Touchpoints POE
It is a brand contact measurement and planning tool, a Global Publicis Groupe Solution that helps optimize the marketing mix for consumer acquisition and retention.
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Testimonials FROM CLIENTS


DHI dashboard has certainly proved to be a valuable tool for our team! With a great depth of analysis of the digital ecosystem and real-time brand health overview, we are able to gain valuable insights and further define our strategic decisions.

Carmen Grigoras


On the first presentation Digitas team told us that this dashboard is the Holy Grail, 1 year later we improved our organic viewership with over 40% vs our estimations, and the social media engagement with over 100%. I dare to say that the power of having real time data is really the Holy Grail in each business.

Nicoleta Baicu

Head of Digital HUB (Digital & Ecommerce Marketing) Carrefour

The idea of having a dashboard was born 2 years ago when we asked ourselves the question: what would it be like to gather everything, entire digital world of OMV brand, in one place and be able to monitor everything? Well today we have the solution, everything is implemented, digital magic is enjoyed at full capacity, in a dashboard.

Mihai Chirita

Brand Manager OMV

Welcome to Data Intelligence Headquarters Time to get your REAL-TIME signals

We acquire and process the most significant amount of Marketing Data in Romania daily. We want to share it, FREE, to contribute to marketing education toward data-driven business growth. Therefore, this is the Romanian DATA EXCHANGE of TODAY, with daily updates on everything necessary in your industry.