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Starcom Romania launches Events Behavior Study 2024

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Events and cultural activities have recently gained popularity among Romanians eager to explore them. According to data, Romanians tend to spontaneously plan the events they wish to attend. One in three Romanians states that they organize their social agenda in advance, at the beginning of the year, and a similar number of consumers look for events mid-year, likely to enjoy activities during the spring-summer period.

The majority (28%) prefer to search for events in the week they have free time and/or are in the mood for socializing. A similar percentage of Romanians look for events a month in advance.

Events, as social activities, are usually discovered through friends and acquaintances. Romanians also state that they find out about these through television. Nevertheless, the highest visibility of events is obtained through social networks, either through friends’ posts or artists’ pages.

These trends highlight the importance of digital communication channels and social media in promoting cultural and social events in Romania.

In 2024, Romanians remain loyal to their preferences from 2023, with musical concerts topping the list.

In 2023, Romanians stated that they attended various events, mainly those in the fields of art, entertainment, and gastronomy. Musical concerts were their favorites, followed by handmade product fairs, theatre shows, stand-up comedy, and sports events. Additionally, some Romanians opted for local or international conferences for personal or professional development.

Concerts with international artists are highly regarded by Romanians, being considered an opportunity to increase visibility and the economy of Romania. These events not only have a positive impact on tourism and the country’s economy but also give Romanians the chance to see their favorite artists without having to travel abroad.

Decision factors in event participation: From price to experience

When deciding to attend an event, Romanians give the greatest importance to the ticket price. However, considering that the second decision criterion is the presence of artists or personalities at the event, we can assume that Romanians can overcome the price obstacle for the right line-up.

Additionally, Romanians pay attention to the distance from home to the event venue, the type of location, and the additional costs associated with participation.

Romanians want to enjoy live concerts, quality drinks, and delicious food. They also want the opportunity to interact with their favorite celebrities, as has happened in the past at various activations organized by brands at festivals.

Romanians' expectations at festivals

For 71% of Romanians, the arrangement of spaces at a festival is very important, highlighting the need for organizers to pay attention to design and arrangement details. Participants expect dedicated areas for relaxation and socializing, in addition to those for shows or presentations.

Another essential aspect is the food area, which significantly contributes to the festival experience. Organizers must ensure access to a rich variety of high-quality food products, not just basic food and drinks.

To be considered well-organized, festivals must offer a diversity of artists, quality sound, and lighting. Romanians expect adherence to the schedule and the provision of detailed information about the event’s unfolding, access, and other relevant aspects.

Transport and parking are also critical aspects. Easy access to the event, either by public transport or by ensuring an adequate number of parking spaces, is appreciated by participants. All these elements contribute to the overall experience and satisfaction of those attending events.

CSR at events: Impact on brand image and Romanian public perception

Romanians’ opinions are divided regarding CSR actions carried out at events. Some consider them beneficial, seeing them to raise public awareness of important issues and add value and purpose to the event. On the other hand, some prefer events to focus exclusively on entertainment.

The impact of CSR activities at events is significant. Brands’ involvement in social responsibility actions has a positive impact on their image. Participation in such initiatives not only improves public image but also strengthens the relationship with consumers. Additionally, this positive image can attract new customers who are drawn to brands that highlight their social commitment.

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All Publicis Groupe Romania proprietary data tools in one place.
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