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Romanian Easter Traditions & Habits 2024

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When it comes to Romanians’ perception of this holiday, they divide into two camps: for some, Easter is about spending time with family and respecting traditions, while for others, it is a holiday laden with spiritual significance. And for a small percentage, it is just an opportunity for relaxation and escape from routine.

Just a few days before the Easter holidays, the Starcom Romania team launches the study on Romanians’ Easter traditions and customs in 2024. Through this, the media agency aims to reveal the trends and preferences that define Easter celebrations in Romania, from its symbolic significance and established traditions to shopping habits and the choice of gifts for loved ones.

Preferred Easter Activities for Romanians

In a world where daily hustle occupies more of our time and time with loved ones seems to slip through our fingers, holidays manage to bring us back to the essence of what truly matters: family and human connection. According to Starcom study, 69% of Romanians dedicate their time to spending precious moments with loved ones, whether it’s festive gatherings or choosing gifts. Additionally, spirituality holds a special place in Romanians’ hearts during the Easter holiday. Approximately 42% of them declared that they attend church, fast, confess, or do general cleaning to mark this special period. Also, 40% of those surveyed don’t forget about the less fortunate and engage in acts of charity or volunteering.
This year, the tradition of spending time with family remains just as strong, but Romanians also find time for relaxing activities such as nature walks, excursions, or movie nights in front of the TV or streaming platforms. It’s a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, connection, and relaxation, defining the spirit of Easter in today’s Romania.

28% of Romanians buy gifts for loved ones during the Easter holidays

In Romanian society, there is a tradition of wearing new clothes for Easter, and this category of products is the first choice when it comes to gifts for loved ones. Regarding the type of store where Romanians choose to shop, it varies depending on the chosen gift. For clothing, cosmetics, and books, there is a tendency to choose physical stores, while more technical gifts, vacation or event tickets, and courses tend to be purchased online since product specifications can be easily found on the internet.

Gift Inspiration: Offline vs. Online Sources

Physical stores are the main source of inspiration for Romanians when it comes to choosing gifts for loved ones, whether they are large retail chains or those specialized in gifts. However, Romanians also find inspiration online, on websites specializing in gifts, on social networks, and on the favorite websites of their loved ones. 31% of Romanians prefer to play it safe by asking the person they’re buying the gift for directly. Online forums, YouTube, TV, content creators such as magazines or blogs, are less explored by Romanians when it comes to seeking inspiration.

Traditional Meal Tops Romanians’ Preferences

Even though most Romanians have access to international cuisine, 52% of them declare that traditional dishes make up 100% of the Easter table, such as red eggs, lamb dishes, and cozonac (sweet bread). However, about half of them also include dishes from modern cuisine.

Only 4% are willing to exclusively experiment with modern dishes at the Easter table, and this could be due to the fact that Romanians have started eating less traditionally, and holiday meals are seen as the perfect opportunity to return to childhood tastes.

Red Eggs and Cozonac (sweet bread), Romanians’ Favorite Foods

These remain the staple dishes of the Easter menu, followed by pasca (Easter cake) and various cakes. However, the meal wouldn’t be complete without roasted lamb, boeuf salad, and sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls).

Where Romanians Buy Ingredients and Easter Foods in 2024

When it comes to purchasing ingredients, 68% of Romanians opt for large stores. Supermarkets or hypermarkets offer a wide range of products and ingredients, allowing consumers to do all their shopping at once. However, 52% also pay attention to local markets, which play an important role in the buying process. Regarding online stores, Romanians are still skeptical when it comes to purchasing ingredients or food from this source, with only 18% choosing this type of store. The tendency to choose physical stores may stem from consumers’ need to personally analyze products. According to Romanians’ statements, 54% of them say they cook together with loved ones. However, there is also a category that does not get involved in food preparation. They buy traditional products or dishes from large stores and local markets, where there is diversity and authentic products.

Local Producers Top Romanians’ Preferences

Romanians turn to local producers, who offer a wide range of products on the market. Farms are also sought after and are a good source of such products. 8 out of 10 Romanians have bought local products at least once, and approximately the same proportion plan to include them in this year’s Easter meal. Romanians associate local products with superior quality compared to those found in supermarkets or hypermarkets. This aspect is the main argument when it comes to choosing local products over imports. Moreover, Romanians trust local products because of the ingredients listed on the label. In addition to arguments related to the products themselves, there are also civic-minded consumers—46% of Romanians want to support the local economy by purchasing products from this sphere, and 35% want to keep the local tradition intact.

Challenges in Purchasing Local Products: High Prices and Limited Access

Price is the main barrier when it comes to purchasing local products, as Romanians consider them expensive. Also, they are not tempted to buy such products due to limited access to specialized stores or producers. Moreover, many prepare their own traditional products, such as beverages, preserves, and other foods, either at home or by relying on more skilled relatives or friends.

Budget Allocation for Easter Shopping in 2024

When budgeting for Easter, the importance of certain aspects of this period is highlighted. Priority is given to food because the festive meal holds special significance in Romanian culture. Sums allocated for gifts for loved ones and for cleaning are also higher, whether we’re talking about products or specialized services. As for travel and household items, such as curtains or furniture, Romanians do not attach as much importance and allocate smaller sums.

You can download the study here Download study
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