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Consumer Report

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What is it?

It is an interactive encyclopedia of information about Romanian consumers, defined according to the stage of their life: teens (adolescents aged 14-17); single youth (youngsters aged 18-34, unmarried and without children), families with children (families with children up to 14 years old), families without children (generally couples over the age of 45 whose children have left their household).

Why would you need it?

The study offers insights into Romanian consumers’ behavior, both online & offline, enabling brands & businesses to understand their audiences better.

Product benefits

  • Consumer Report is a handy tool for understanding consumers and behavior trends in the business environment, especially in the pandemic context.
  • Data on Romanian consumers have an increased value when analyzed by comparison, identifying specific behaviors for a particular life stage, gender, or residence environment. At the same time, the added weight increases through their periodic updating, capturing the current reality and allowing the analysis of some trends.

What do we study?

  • 1Technology & content consumption
  • 2Entertainment
  • 3Brands & shopping
  • 4Consumer values and trends

What kind of clients can we help?

All categories.

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