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InfluenceMe 2021 – What makes a successful influencer marketing campaign?

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For 9 years, InfluenceMe, powered by Starcom, has been the first and only study of the communication industry in Romania, which documents the evolution of influencer marketing from a 360 perspective. Based on a complex methodology, the study brings together both quantitative perspectives on the phenomenon, as well as the qualitative refinement of observations with insight potential.

Because we are in an uncertain and unpredictable social context, the new edition of the InfluenceMe study follows the last two editions, concretely measuring what behaviours can be influenced by campaigns with influencers in Romania. In this approach, the study analyzes the evolutions of the main indicators in the purchase funnel and is based on all consistent influencer marketing campaigns carried out between January and August 2021.

Influencer marketing, growing activity

The phenomenon of influencer marketing is on an upward trend compared to other years: 7 out of 10 Romanian Internet users are following at least one influencer at present (74% in 2021 vs 68% in 2020). People continue to look for a relevant voice, close to them, authentic and, above all, with more emphasis on the human component.

The role of the Influencer in the perception of internet users

Urban Internet users continue to say that the role of an influencer is to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle (5 out of 10 respondents). The answers have a number of peculiarities, specific to distinct age groups: while young people, aged between 18 and 24, consider that the role of the influencer is to bring new information constantly about products and brands, the elderly between 25 and 34 years old, he is expected to announce events and news about services and products; and people between the ages of 35 and 44 see the role of the influencer in the area of ​​education, social responsibility, encouraging the activity of environmental protection and civic spirit.

Factors that determine a successful campaign

In 2021, on the indicator of notoriety, the campaigns with influencers had the best results, which also had the support of the TV campaign or other traditional media (Outdoor, Radio). Campaigns with influencers from the mobile and finance categories, with a focus on new formats (for example, digital series), stimulated curiosity. The campaigns with influencers that obtained an above average consideration score were those that had communication experts and the campaigns with content on utility, on message, and in the presentation of products/services. The campaigns that determine consumers to buy the product/service in 2021 are those with an emphasis on personal stories and diversity in messages (contextual, CSR, social manifestation, events). Brand loyalty is built in 2021 through influencer campaigns that manage to create emotional connections between the brand and the consumer. Also, the presence of campaigns with experts in the category assures consumers that they have made the right choice. Influencer campaigns determine consumers to love the brand through the presence of influencers/celebrities who are more selective and choose to talk about brands they believe in, which they use in their daily lives and which they identify with as values. The entertainment component also worked on this indicator, which managed to mobilize the community (for example, serial content, which generates expectation).

Brand relevance increases through influencer campaigns that educate consumers through experiences and useful and/or fun content (digital series, podcasts, use of actors in communication).

You can download the entire study from below


All Publicis Groupe Romania proprietary data tools in one place.
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