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InfluenceMe 2022 – The impact generated by influencer marketing campaigns among consumers

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For ten years, InfluenceMe, powered by Starcom Romania, has been the first and only study of the communication industry in Romania, which documents the evolution of influencer marketing from a 360 perspective. Based on a complex methodology, the study combines both the quantitative perspective on the phenomenon and the qualitative refinement of observations with insight potential.

In a context-of-the-communication industry where influencer marketing, as a discipline, tends towards professionalization, the anniversary edition of the InfluenceMe study also becomes the most complex analysis of the local phenomenon of influence. The complexity comes, on the one hand, from the impressive volume of analyzed campaigns (double compared to last year). But, on the other hand, from the highly granular qualitative analysis of each individual campaign, to understand the contribution of each component (influencer, message, visual treatment) in the purchase funnel area.

The number of Influencer marketing campaigns is increasing exponentially, but attributes like “loyalty” and “lovability” are decreasing.

The phenomenon of influencer marketing is on an upward trend. People need human connection more than ever. They need a relevant voice to tell them a story, not just a product benefit. Although the number of influencer marketing campaigns increases, in tandem with consumer interest, their relevance decreases when they are thought transactionally.

The role of the influencer in the perception of Internet users

Urban internet users continue to state that the role of an influencer is to inspire, promote a healthy lifestyle and educate.

The factors that determine a successful campaign

In 2022, the best-performing campaigns across the entire purchase funnel are those based on a creative idea, a story, or that present a product or benefit in a new way relevant to the community. On the notoriety indicator, the best results were recorded by campaigns with influencers that also had the support of the TV campaign or other traditional media (Outdoor, Radio). The campaigns with influencers from the categories of gadgets (wellness & tech), beauty, telecom, and electronics (personal care) stimulated curiosity in particular. At the same time, campaigns with influencers that highlighted the novelty of the product, those that promoted and explained products with more complex benefits, and those that promoted product categories that improve/simplify people’s lifestyles scored very well.

Campaigns with influencers that obtained an above-average consideration were those that were designed starting from a community need. And who came up with a solution or inspiration.

The campaigns that lead consumers to buy the product/service in 2022 are those with an emphasis on personal stories, on the product’s usefulness, but especially on the usefulness of the content created by the influencer for his community. CSR and, in general, campaigns that appeal to the social sustainability side are at the top of preferences when we evaluate influencer marketing campaigns.

Brand loyalty is built in 2022 through influencer campaigns that succeed in creating emotional connections between the brand and the consumer. And this, according to the analysis, happens when the campaign has a creative idea behind it and an original way to convey the connection with the brand.

Brand relevance increases through influencer campaigns that educate consumers through experiences and useful or entertaining content (digital series, podcasts, use of actors in communication).

Podcasts are one of the most beloved formats and, at the same time, a generous space of manifestation for brands that choose to tell their story through relevant content, not just through a simple product display. In this year’s study, podcasts have a dedicated chapter that takes an in-depth look at this content time’s contribution to the marketing and communications mix.

You can download the entire study from below


All Publicis Groupe Romania proprietary data tools in one place.
Discover the power of our tools and feel free to get in touch.