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Conversation Radar

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What is it?

Our tool tracks the online conversations about the brand in terms of visibility, quality of the dialogue, and community engagement. It lets you track the activity on your social media and competitors’ pages in real time. Conversation Radar integrates multiple data sources in real-time. It is straightforward to access and use. It helps you analyze the brand conversation, volume, and sentiment.

Why would you need it?

Now more than ever, the voice of the consumer and the online mentions decisively contribute to the brand’s imprint. To harness this, you must understand how people respond to a brand’s actions to identify and address issues and strong points. You have to make sure your brand gets positively noticed, and you can adjust your content strategy in real-time.

Product benefits

  • You can address identified issues in conversation about the brand or a specific campaign
  • You can make sure the public clearly understands the brand message and see their reaction to it
  • You can identify strong points or issues and their causes at a glance
  • You can quickly adjust your content strategy
  • You can customize the dashboard to suit your needs better.

What can we track?

  • 1 Visibility score: to assess if the conversations about the brand are more visible vs. the competition.
  • 2 Quality score: measures if the brand content is appreciated and actively shared.
  • 3 Community score: measures if the brand is building a growing and engaged community.

What kind of clients can we help?

All categories.


For one of our clients, the leader in its category, we succeeded in improving online reputation (positive increase in sentiment) by 138% in just nine months by daily monitoring all internet mentions for the client and competitors, analyzing the best-performing messages, creating accurate time marketing content (RTM). Also, the average daily reach increased by 137%, and the number of daily engaged users increased by 83%.

Case Study

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    Case Study
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