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Dynamic Brand Tracker

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What is it?

It is our tool for tracking and analyzing brand performance across the conversion funnel. We integrate multiple sources to measure and analyze all brand KPIs and attributes for your brand vs. your competitors. We can map the consumer journey from awareness to repurchase and correlate between brand KPIs and media investment.

Why would you need it?

In the informational era, relying on your business decisions on trimestral reports, post campaigns evaluations, and annual research studies is no longer enough. It would be best if you allowed yourself to optimize your spending instead.

Product benefits

  • From a brand perspective, you’ll know where you are against the competition
  • You’ll be able to adjust media spending to your advantage
  • You can map the consumer journey from awareness to re-purchase
  • Know your growing audience and who will leave the brand in the following months.

What can we track?

  • 1Brand awareness
  • 2Advertising awareness
  • 3Preference
  • 4Consideration
  • 5Buying intention
  • 6Usage
  • 7Recommendation
  • 8Frequency of usage
  • 9Purchase triggers
  • 10Brand attributes
  • 11Other custom KPI

What kind of clients can we help?

We already track data from many categories: retail, cheese, coffee, finance, fuel, sweets, toothpaste, makeup, telecom, fashion & beauty e-commerce, pharma, electronics, detergents, hair care, and personal care.

Case Study

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    Case Study
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