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Short and long battles in the digital environment and data-based successes

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Alexandra Caciur, Head Of Data & Business Intelligence @Digitas, together with Nicoleta Baicu, Head of Digital & E-commerce Marketing – Carrefour, have a very interesting talk about the digital environment and how Data is at the centre of it all for IQads.

The digital environment is probably the most honest and effervescent. Here, the brands’ customers are no longer just customers, and the brands seem like the Goliath that no one can reach. The digital environment is one that encourages dialogue, in fact, we are all users. In other words, an (almost) egalitarian space in which, in order to be successful as a brand, you have to listen, to react. And then go on battle after battle to gain relevance.

The digital environment in retail

Exchanges of impressions are more dynamic in the retail sector, a sector that impacts everyone’s life directly and repetitively. Most urban inhabitants are retail customers, who go shopping regularly, are exposed to products of all categories – some for daily use – and come into frequent contact with the employees of these companies. It is, therefore, expected to have opinions on all the above, as well as on the brands campaigns.

For the latter, customers (or users) feedback is essential for progress because it actually requires reciprocity. A brand that wants to be close to the consumer will listen in real time to his feedback and will react both in the short term to maximize certain benefits or to improve areas where it may not best perform at present. In the long run, to develop its services and strengthen its relationship with the interlocutor. A high-performance digital strategy will always be agile and adaptable. And for that, you need data.

More battles won in the digital area

Carrefour’s digital strategy has undergone major changes in the last year. The balance between temporary, acute and “burning” needs, on the one hand, and long-term goals, which require greater comprehensibility, on the other hand, was a real theatre of war. Short-term battles were fought to bring traffic as soon as possible, long-term battles were also fought to build a strong brand and engagement with those in the digital community.

Personally, I was confident that we could do both. And not only that, but we can easily achieve this balance without giving up either of the two battles. Madness or not, this trust motivated us to build – from digital shows formats (“Foreigners with Wine”, “Here’s Science”, “Upside Down”) to media strategies and online community development strategies; and their integration into a digital universe where we want to earn the user’s attention, not just buy it. In other words, we wanted to succeed organically. And to succeed, we used DATA – our eyes and ears in the digital environment, which kept us truly connected to what was happening.

Nicoleta Baicu,

Head of Digital & E-commerce Marketing – Carrefour

During September 2021, Carrefour gained a 70.5 index in DHI (Digital Health Index, made by Digitas Romania). A record value not only for Carrefour but for the entire market.

The growth comes amid a constant investment of money and resources in digital communication and content. If we look at the last year, Carrefour is above the market average every month, and retail is one of the most active and competitive categories in communication, with growing budgets compared to 2020 (and two of the brands are in the top 10 advertisers from Romania, in all categories). Carrefour is present both in social media and in digital publications and forums, the highest viewership being, however, provided by social media channels (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram). What is happening on these channels? The dialogue with the consumers that Nicoleta also mentioned.

This is the image we get by looking at the data, and now any brand has the opportunity to access this tool that connects us and helps us interpret information: you see, you understand, and you make decisions. Everything is in real time. Basically, you know your evolution on the chosen path, you can react, and you also have the tools to outperform your competitors. Then you continue to build and keep building.

Alexandra Caciur,

Head Of Data & Business Intelligence @Digitas

Since the beginning of this year, Carrefour has registered an increase of almost 50% in “brand related” searches since the beginning of the year. The growth comes amid a steady investment in digital content this year.

We built conversations not only based on brand topics, but we integrated real topics of social interest into our communication, and we adapted the language to the digital channel. We focused on interacting with customers, gaining their attention, and conveying to them that, indeed, we are an aware interlocutor and we are their equal here. Strictly referring to the evolution of September vs August, the increase definitely comes from content, with the other two indicators remaining constant. Carrefour managed to directly generate strong content by communicating the “Act for Good” or “Open Romanian Wine” projects, says Nicoleta Baicu.

Last but not least, 7 videos from 5 campaigns entered the top 15 most watched videos of a retail brand on YouTube.

Throughout this journey, we kept our customers close and interacted with them in real time, but we also stuck to the red thread for long-term strategic coherence. Again, each with his own battle, Nicoleta concludes.

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