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Biz Magazine – interview with Leo Burnett & NN Romania

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Irina Carbunescu, Data Intelligence Director at Leo Burnett Bucharest, has a very insightful dialogue with the Head of Digital and Consumer Strategy at NN Romania in the latest number of Revista Biz. The Data tools they implemented help the business be more agile in communication and make the entire decision-making process be more efficient.

In early 2021, NN changed the way it monitors communication efficiency as part of the company’s digitization process. In partnership with Leo Burnett’s Data Intelligence team, they have developed a series of data tools that make them more agile in streamlining communication and marketing decisions.

Why are Data Intelligence Solutions important in current marketing?

Irina Cărbunescu: Studies show that the year 2020 generated a leap of 5-10 years, depending on the country, in terms of digital transformation. Now, any company, regardless of the object of activity, evolves to become a “tech company”. At Leo Burnett, we believe that we are no longer just in the creative business but in data-based communication and solutions to grow our customers’ business. Current marketing is about understanding and responding in real time to the needs and requirements of consumers, and that makes it dependent on technology.

Laura Băloi: In the last two years, for example, the business generated from leads as part of our digital performance campaigns has grown exponentially, this year exceeding in the first half of the year the entire value generated in 2020. It is, therefore, essential to follow permanently the efficiency of the media mix and communication variables, the personalization of communication and the increase of the relevance of messages, also playing an essential role in ensuring a maximum output of investments in digital campaigns.

What does Leo Burnett offer in this area? 

Irina Cărbunescu: We have had a Data Intelligence department in Leo Burnett for more than a year. This represents the organic evolution of our concern for the date of the last years. But the existence of data alone is not enough. We live in an age of information in which we all have, both agents and clients, access to countless data sources and cross-reports. This often results in what is called “analysis paralysis” – the inability to make a decision based on the many pieces of information available. Our data not only aggregates this data but correlates it through a series of unique algorithms that allow a comprehensive and real-time analysis of what works and what can be improved in communication efforts over time, and what campaign is going on. We have thus generated real increases in brand and communication indicators, as well as the efficiency of the invested budgets, contributing to the agile business that our clients want.

How does NN Romania use these solutions in collaboration with Leo Burnett? What are the main benefits?

Laura Băloi: Since the beginning of the year, we have implemented three data tools, with the help of which we optimize the communication indicators from one week to another, both within the communication campaigns and for the social media content. These data solutions allow us to monitor and improve the brand image as well as streamline campaigns, but also to ensure a comfortable level of predictability regarding future plans. Viewing data is easy and uniform in a dashboard that is accessible to all team members.

Irina Cărbunescu: Through Conversation Radar, we follow daily everything that is said in the online environment about NN and, thus, having a very precise image about the insurance category and about the way consumers perceive it and relate to it. Also, by analyzing conversations about NN versus the competition, we know at all times how NN is positioned and can react in real time in a way that is relevant to people – with products and services, but also with content that answers their questions and interests. Intent Radar takes a step further and follows the evolution of people’s interest in a certain category of insurance, or a certain brand, depending on the communication in the market. We thus identify uncovered interests and can act quickly to come up with relevant information and solutions for potential customers. In parallel, Campaign Reporting, a real-time campaign monitoring tool, helps map target audiences that respond better to NN messages, identify messages that work or need to be improved, and best-performing environments.

Laura Băloi: Digitalization is the new business as usual at NN. And the data analysis solutions we have from Leo Burnett came to complete this approach in the area of ​​improving communication. Thus, we are much more relevant, more agile and more documented in decision making, and this is directly reflected in our business activity.

You can also read the interview on “Revista BIZ” website: Agilitate în comunicare la NN România prin soluțiile de data intelligence de la Leo Burnett – Revista Biz – prima revistă de afaceri din România

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