Sponsorship Study 2023

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Growing Receptiveness to TV Special Projects in Romania

Starcom Romania introduces the Sponsorship 2023 study, a sequel to the 2018 research. This study delves into particular TV advertising, exploring awareness levels, consumer perspectives, and the diverse formats’ impact.

“Consumers are demanding. It’s no secret that they expect personalized experiences from advertisers that address their needs. We are pleased to see this trend reflected in how they perceive TV advertising, an environment traditionally aimed broadly, with limited granular targeting possibilities. Viewers expect sponsorships to tell the brand’s story within the context of the program. Brands that contribute to the viewing experience will gain favorability and memorability. At the same time, overly commercial or contextually disconnected messages will face reduced acceptance,” said Brîndușa Gurăroșie, Media Activation Lead at Starcom Romania.

Key Findings from the Sponsorship 2023 Study

Commercial Breaks – An Opportunity to Discover New Products and Services

In the new study by Starcom Romania, behavioural differences were observed among age groups. Young people aged 21 to 29 tend to discuss products or services that catch their attention on TV with friends and family. They are also more likely to participate in brand contests promoted on TV or download apps from brands that spark their curiosity. On the other hand, viewers aged 30 to 39, especially women (30%), prefer to search online for information about the products and services advertised during commercial breaks.

Special TV Projects Steal The Show

Special TV projects are increasingly well-received compared to previous years due to their shorter duration, relevance, increased visibility, and clarity of information.

According to the new study, 7 out of 10 respondents appreciate the shorter duration of these formats and the fact that they better integrate into the show’s content without interrupting the viewing experience. It is also essential for consumers that the brand promoted through these ads aligns with the TV program.

Growing Awareness – At Least 7 out of 10 Consumers Have Heard of Special Projects

Although product placements and advertising moments are the most recognized special project formats, split screens and advertising reports are the easiest to identify among internet users in urban areas.

Classic Ads Remain Familiar, but Special Projects Are More Accepted

Consumers prefer special projects with shorter durations, such as graphic inserts, billboards, and split screens, as these are less intrusive. On the other hand, they are somewhat hesitant when it comes to advertising reports and advertising moments.

Special Projects Become Memorable Through Relevant Associations with TV Programs

Billboards, graphic inserts, advertising moments, and product placements are best remembered when integrated into entertainment shows. Additionally, advertising reports are predominantly memorable within news programs (excluding sports news).

Special Projects Keep Viewers Connected to TV Programs

In 2023, TV advertising, through its various formats, better captivates audience attention and reinforces brand memorability. Moreover, it stimulates curiosity, encouraging viewers to visit the advertised brands’ websites.

Special projects outperform classic ads on specific indicators. For instance, billboards have a higher potential to drive traffic to brand websites, while advertising reports encourage viewers to seek more information about the brands.

Younger Audience Prefers Occasional Viewing (<1h/day)

According to the study, most people who watch TV for less than one hour a day are aged 21 to 39. Additionally, 66% of occasional viewers have higher education, and their preferred programs include documentaries (46%) and artistic films (44%). The most memorable format for this category is the break bumper, especially when shown during documentary programs.

The Sponsorship 2023 study was conducted online using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviews) method on a sample of 1004 respondents aged 21 to 54, urban internet users who watch TV. Data collection took place between June and July 2023.


The Sponsorship Study 2023 is a Starcom Romania initiative in the HumanGraphExperience series. Additional information can be requested at the email address

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All Publicis Groupe Romania proprietary data tools in one place.
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