App Tracker

What is it?

App Tracker is a local system developed for tracking, measuring, and analyzing data for main mobile applications from e-commerce & retail, financial services, games, social media, utility & mobility, and other smaller categories.


As the mobile landscape continues to grow and evolve, App Tracker is becoming an essential tool for businesses looking to stay competitive, improve user experience, and drive growth.


  • Track and measure the performance of mobile applications across the entire user journey, from awareness to loyalty, and gain insight into the areas where improvement is needed;
  • Analyze the competitive app landscape and gain an understanding of how your app performs compared to others in the same industry or category;
  • Provide data outside your app’s ecosystem, such as where your uninstalled users went, and integrate it with your own app data for correlations and predictions;
  • Identify opportunities and issues from early stages, thanks to long-term tracking and monthly reporting;
  • Gain insight into user profiles for each monitored app, including growth potential, gain and loss analysis, and conversion funnels.
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