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Consumer Research

What is it?

Our research capabilities can design & implement any qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodologies type of study, custom-tailored to answer specific business challenges.

Why would you need it?

Consumer Research helps you fill in gaps in business and marketing knowledge to inform marketing strategy further (e.g., competitive impact understanding, brand positioning insights), audience strategy (e.g., segmentation studies, communications channels consumption habits, consumer journey), or media strategy (e.g., communication investment efficiency).

What can we track?

Some examples out of hundreds of performed studies:

  • Trending consumer behaviors (e-games, role of women in society, engagement with festivals, e-shopping);
  • The consumer decision journey;
  • Usage and attitudes (e.g., identifying behavioral changes in the COVID-19 context);
  • Brand tracker: insights regarding brand strategy, positioning, and competitive pressures, measuring multiple dimensions, from awareness to consideration, favorability, usage, recommendation, consumer emotions, brand image, and purchase drivers;
  • AdImpact: measuring campaign performance, tracking efficiency at the execution level, and uplifts triggered across the decision journey or at the brand image level;
  • Creative testing: consumer feedback on the ads or innovative concepts before a campaign launch;
  • Segmentation studies: identifying the segments with the higher propensity of considering or buying one brand;
  • Touchpoints efficiency: understand the relative value of the influence of all channels in a category for focus audiences.

Which kind of clients can we help?

All categories.

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