Madalina Badea

Madalina is Head of Data Insights, having an experience of about 20 years in the industry and about 16 years in Publicis Groupe. During all this time, she worked on clients from almost all market segments: automotive, retail, energy, gas stations, medicines, banks, food, non-food, drinks, etc., being involved in all that means analysis, interpretation and visualization of data, from the analysis of the media indicators to the evaluation of media communication plans, from analyses of competitive activity to the analysis and interpretation of brand indicators. Also, she is involved in analyses related to understanding consumers, analyzing their behaviors and trends, based on various tools or market studies conducted in the agency.

When to contact Madalina

  • 1When you want to improve your Brand KPIs
  • 2When you want to monitor your Investments
  • 3When you want to predict your Growth
  • 4When you need a Media analysis
  • 5When you are curious about Online conversations
  • 6When you need to Research design
  • 7When Data reporting is needed
  • 8When working on Brand insights
  • 9When you want to track your brand's Reputation
  • 10When you need to monitor your Campaign Effectiveness
  • 11When you neeed to optimize your Marketing Mix

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