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Social Media Stars Index

What is it?

It is a Publicis Groupe proprietary index that provides a unitary image of social media activity for the first time, identifying the most followed social media accounts with up to real-time evolution.

Why would you need it?

  • It provides an objective evaluation of influencers based on platforms where they activate or based on their area of influence.
  • It automatically analyses over 900 accounts from Romania and can be reapplied to any other market.

Product benefits

We can select or validate influencers to be used in brand communication by platform or by influencer type (Art, Automotive, Beauty, Business, Comedy, Cooking, Family/ Parenting, Fashion, TV/ Movies, Gaming, Health & Fitness, Home Deco, Lifestyle, Music, News & Politics, Pets, Sports, Tech, Travel, Others).

What can we track?

With Social Media Stars Index, we can track the performances of selected influencers reported to market or category benchmarks.

Need more info?

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