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Campaign reporting

Case Study

What is it?

Our tool tracks performance for all paid, earned, and owned media KPIs compared to previous campaigns.

This easy-to-use online platform integrates multiple data sources to evaluate communication performance.

Why would you need it?

Digital media budget optimization based on prior campaign learnings and accurate time tracking of ongoing campaigns is crucial. If you want the best-paid campaign results and also to maximize earned visibility and engagement, Campaign Reporting is your partner.

Product benefits

  • You can optimize media investments.
  • You can evaluate creative assets and channels' performance & react in real-time.

What can we analyse?

Performance of all media and social media KPIs, in comparison with previous campaigns.

Which kind of clients can we help?

All categories

What results can you achieve?

For one of our strategic Power of One client, by weekly media & creative optimizations for all digital channels, impressions were +19% vs. planned, clicks +100%, and CTR reached +36%. Video views completed vs. planned were +41%, while VTR reached was +14%. All KPIs were exceeded, even if the digital media budget decreased by 8%.

Case Study

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    Case Study
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