DHI dashboard has certainly proved to be a valuable tool for our team! With a great depth of analysis of the digital ecosystem and real-time brand health overview, we are able to gain valuable insights and further define our strategic decisions.

Carmen Grigoras


DHI is a unique project in Romania, an innovative one, out of which the DATA team managed to excellently map the digital habits of consumers, and their interactions with brands. It’s a tool that really helps clients to make informed decisions, fast decisions, with measurable effects.

Victor Popa


In the past year I used frequently the DHI Tool and it slowly became the revealer of the “blind side” in communication: elements we missed, reactions we didn’t anticipate, the efficiency of aligning with trends.
In client-marketing and B2B activities, it helped me develop a lateral-work-of-style and to anticipate the moves of different clients. That brought also the process of structuring the sell-in ideas efficiently.
In a nutshell, I need it, I use it, I love it.

Gabi Macovei

Sr. Client Marketing Manager, Romania, Visa CEE VISA

On the first presentation the Digitas team told us that this dashboard is the Holy Grail, 1 year later we improved our organic viewership with over 40% vs our estimations, and the social media engagement with over 100%. I dare to say that the power of having real time data is really the Holy Grail in each business.

Nicoleta Baicu

Head of Digital HUB (Digital & Ecommerce Marketing) Carrefour

The idea of having a dashboard was born 2 years ago when we asked ourselves the question: what would it be like to gather everything, the entire digital world of OMV brand, in one place and be able to monitor everything? Well today we have the solution, everything is implemented, digital magic is enjoyed at full capacity, in a dashboard.

Mihai Chirita

Brand Manager OMV

In our industry, brand reputation is crucial in client decision making. Keeping a frequent tracking of people’s perception on our brand, analyzing our brand indicators vs. competitors helped us be proactive, dynamic and prompt in line with our consumers evolving experiences and expectations.

Cristina Maca

Head of Brand and Communication NN GROUP

Our Brand Radar dashboard has become our go-to place for keeping in touch with our competitor’s online activity and for measuring the manner in which people respond to the content of the insurance category. Due to the daily tracking and weekly reviews we were able to constantly improve our communication output and be one step ahead of the competition.

Diana Guteniuc

Digital Communication Manager NN GROUP

In our dynamic Campaign Reporting dashboard we have a granular image for the performance of each campaign material, detailed per campaign phases, target segments and media. Thus, we are able to improve our campaigns in real time and gather learnings that help the performance of the future campaigns.

Andreea Dumitrescu

Digital Engagement and Performance Manager NN GROUP

Understanding the consumer, analyzing and interpreting data about them is, for us, a priority. We have a reliable ally in this respect, the Data Intelligence team of Saatchi&Saatchi, part of Publicis Groupe, providing us with the support we need at all times to define the communication strategy of our marketing campaigns, keeping our communication relevant and effective at the same time.

Violeta Iliescu

Marketing Manager Provident

The continuous access to brand tracker, for the entire marketing team, enables the analysis of the results that our brands and competing brands have across the funnel, with their evolution over time, and helps us to quickly make informed decisions for the continuous development of our brands. In addition, having access to data in an interactive dashboard, we manage to look at them from different perspectives, analyzing according to certain variables, which are important at one point or another in the evolution of our brands, such as comparisons by consumer groups, by degree of involvement in the use of the category.

Oana Iliescu

Business unit manager Consumer Healthcare STADA

Our Brand Tracker study is the basis of strategic decisions related to the development of any brand. The maturity of the brand and the understanding of the business are essential to deliver accurate and representative data for the target audience. We trust Starcom Romania, our involved and dedicated partner. They deliver a wide variety of solutions and a solid expertise in the field.

Ioana Borza

Director Marketing Wetterbest

Brand Radar is a complete, complex and absolutely necessary tool for brands in the current context, where communication in the digital environment is so intense.
For our brands, we have been using Brand Radar for a year. It helped us not only to evaluate our presence in the digital environment but, above all, to make decisions, to optimize and make communication more efficient on various channels.

Cristina Miclea

Director Marketing LACTALIS

The continuous tracking of audiences perception regarding ProTV shows provided insights regarding loyalty drivers among different segments, the level of satisfaction reported to other TV shows from different TV stations and brand attributes that must be enhanced in order to attract new audiences. Corelating the results of brand tracker with findings from Conversation Radar, provided actionable conclusions for a holistic approach of TV shows communication also in digital, in order to increase content engagement.”

Lucia Antal

Head of Research and Development PRO TV