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Digital Health Index

What is it?

Is our monitoring tool for your brand’s and your competitors’ presence in all digital touchpoints (trends, social listening, social media engagement, web platforms analytics, media campaigns results)

Why would you need it?

In the current context, brands need new, recent data that reflects what’s happening TODAY (or at least this week). Therefore, monitoring the entire digital activity in the category and earned and owned exposure is mandatory.

Product benefits

  • Real-time decisions the tool provides an instant & complete view of digital presence, timely insights on the brand’s presence in digital (content, channel strategy, digital investment), and optimizing media KPIs.
  • Accessibility & shareability the reports are accessible by any team member at one click, even on mobile, downloadable for further reporting results in separate presentations, and available for any case study & award subscription.
  • Savings you will receive only one integrated report with input from all disciplines, cutting meeting times.
  • Integration a new way of working: all team members for all agencies consult weekly the same data visualizations and become somewhat more proactive than reactive.

What can we analyse?

  • 1Search Trends
  • 2Sentiment evolution
  • 3Social networks reach & engagement
  • 4Platforms performance
  • 5Campaigns performance
  • 6Quarterly/ yearly KPIs progress
  • 7Or any other custom (business) KPI

Which kind of clients can we help?

Finance, Telecom, Retail, Oil & Gas, Auto, FMCG, E-commerce, or any other vertical.

What results can you achieve?

A case study on one strategic client shows that after nine months of the campaign, On-Going Digital Presence managed to bring:

Earned media
optimizations brought 200.000 EUR earned

Earned value in social media:
+138% sentiment increase
+137% average daily organic reach
+41% video views achieved
+14% complete view rate

Results for two months of Campaign Tracking:

Increased participation in NCPs
in 2 months of On-Going Digital Presence optimizations brought 6.5x more
participants and the estimated earned media reached

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